CKA eNewsletter - Winter 2019
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Alliance Canadienne de Kinésiologie

CKA eNewsletter - Winter 2019
Vol. 3 no. 4

CKA #KinVision2022 Strategic Plan
Report Card 

What is CKA working on?

As the CKA approaches the end of the second year in its five-year Strategic Plan, it is evident that much has been accomplished to promote Kinesiology. The eNewsletter is a reflection on our 2019 accomplishments and reports on our business plan for the New Year. 

What is CKA working on?

  • A New Mental Health Marketing Campaign
  • 6 Events to raise awareness of Kinesiology: 2 Human Resources Conferences, 1 Insurance Conference, KinGames, NHFD, NKW
  • #KSUK Seminar/Webinar University Tour
  • Feasibility Study of Annual National Kinesiology Conference and Awards Celebrations
  • Seeking to sign new Sponsors
  • Renewal Reminder and Continuing Education
  • Reviewing the 2020 Action Plan: Setting Priorities

The CKA Board of Directors have a scheduled meeting in January to review action plans and to set priorities for 2020.


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As part of the 2019 National Kinesiology Week, presented by Hexfit, held from November 11 to 18th and World Diabetes Day on November 14, the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance (CKA) reached more than 6 million people. 

Throughout the week, the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance reminded Canadians affected by diabetes that Kinesiologists, as part of a professional health team, can help them to move better, live better. Canadians were invited to take on the MoveBetterChallenge to find strategies and opportunities to lead a more active lifestyle. More than 50 activities were happening during National Kinesiology Week,

Our thanks are extended to all who participated and to the following groups for their active and ongoing participation throughout the process:

  • Hexfit – official presenter of the National Kinesiology Week
  • RockTape - the official kinesiology tape
  • Kinesiologists that have organized activities, and for some, more than one!
  • Provincial Kinesiology Associations (8)
  • International Diabetes Federation
  • UpHouse Inc as Social Media/Marketing Campaign
  • Ah! Com as Public Relations Consultant, Sophie Allard, APR
  • and partners :


This year, four ambassadors helped in promoting the event: 2 pairs of clients and Kins, namely Elisabeth Turgeon and André Gaudreau, and Adam Yeske and Marcus King. This was a tremendously successful initiative, their videos/interviews produced more interactions on social media from diabetics than we have ever had in the past with other causes 



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Representation in Legislation
OKA Queens Park Day 2019

The OKA annual Queens Park day was a great success and included detailed discussions with the Minister of Health's Office and the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Health responsible for Home and Community Care, and formerly mental health amongst many others. 

They had strong representation from all parties with dozens of discussions by their Board delivering the messages "Chronic Conditions, Chronic Costs" along with "Exercise Works". Their Board explained how Kinesiologists can use exercise and physical activity to reduce the chronic costs caused by over 25 chronic diseases identified by the Public Health Agency of Canada, including chronic pain and mental health. 

Also, as a result their ongoing initiative with the Speaker's Office, they gave out over 75 pedometers to MPPs and their staff and will be participating in the upcoming Queen's Park Health and Wellness day put on by the Legislative occupational nurse. By helping to look after the health and well-being of MPPs, they can help them look after the health and well-being of all Ontarians.




BC Legislation
Major shakeup in regulation of health professionals proposed in B.C. to improve patient safety

Patients in British Columbia could soon know about every single action taken by professional colleges in response to complaints about health-care workers, rather than just a select few.

That's just one in a substantial list of proposals for reforming B.C.'s system for regulating health professionals, released by a cross-party government committee on Wednesday morning.

The committee is recommending reducing the number of regulatory colleges in B.C. from 20 to five, revamping the makeup of college boards, making the complaint process more transparent and creating a new oversight body that would perform routine audits and systemic reviews of the colleges.

"These changes will help ensure health professions are regulated more thoroughly and transparently, so that they are providing British Columbians the best care when they need it most," Health Minister Adrian Dix said.

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Insurance Benefits
Desjardins adds two new Kinesiology offerings for its clients

Published in OKA's Kinsight , Nov 2019 

One of Canada's largest insurance providers is making Kinesiology a regular part of its plans – and then some. Until 2019, Desjardins Insurance covered Kinesiology as part of its extended health benefits when clients asked for it. Now, however, the company has begun proactively offering Kinesiology as a standard option to all clients with 50 or more plan members.

On top of that, Desjardins has added Kinesiology to their new Healthy Weight program package – a program aimed at tackling Canada's growing obesity crisis. "As an insurer, we have to do everything we can to help our clients support their plan members who need help managing their weight," says Martin Nadon, Product Manager, Health and Speciality Products. "Covering Kinesiology treatments is an integral part of how we're going to do that. "It can coach plan members on the safest and most effective physical fitness programs for their personal situation. It can also help prevent injury and frustration, and it will encourage them to keep up with their exercise programs and continue to progress."

Motivating the change is the uptick in obesity in Canada. The percentage of Canadians who are overweight or obese has risen from 49% in 1978 to 64% in 2017. Today, one in four adults and one in 10 children are obese, creating greater risk for problems like diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol.

Associations such as the World Health Organization consider obesity a chronic illness, one impacted by factors like environment, genetics and lifestyle, among other factors. Desjardins estimated that obesity costs employers $7.1 billion* per year in healthcare and lost productivity.

Desjardins' new Healthy Weight program aims to tackle that challenge. The program includes obesity drug treatments as well as support from key health professionals, including Kinesiologists, alongside psychologists and dieticians. Desjardins recommends that claimants check their coverage information before submitting claims to ensure they are covered for Kinesiology treatments. Claimants should also ask about what maximums may apply, such as maximum fee per visit or number of treatments per year.

The Ontario Kinesiology Association is pleased to see Kinesiology increasingly being recognized by providers like Desjardins as a vital benefit. OKA will continue to work on behalf of members to further promote Kinesiology as an essential extended health benefit.

*source: "Obesity in Canada" Report of the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and

Technology, March 2016. / « L'obésité au Canada », Rapport du Comité sénatorial permanent des Affaires sociales, des sciences et de la technologie, mars 2016.

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This article was released a year ago, are we seeing changes?

Exercise specialists should be members of our health care team

  • Aaron Jattan MD CCFP Brent Kvern MD CCFP FCFP, C

The radiograph in Figure 1 belongs to a 57-year-old teacher who, owing to a knee injury as a teenager, has lived with knee pain for most of her adult life. After requiring a meniscectomy in her 20s and an osteotomy in her 30s, she battled severe osteoarthritis by her early 40s and, as a result, became sedentary and overweight, with a body mass index of more than 35 kg/m2. She initially presented to her family doctor with complaints of knee pain while teaching her students every day. Soon the pain caused her to wake at night, requiring her to take regular analgesics. She described the pain as "9 out of 10" when she was wait-listed for a total knee arthroplasty.

One year later she described her pain as "1 out of 10" and had her name removed from the wait list. The most important change while she was wait-listed was that she began to exercise under the care and guidance of experts, and it is time that we include these experts, such as Kinesiologists, on our allied health care teams. Well-known benefits Family physicians know and believe in the wide-ranging benefits of exercise.

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Short Daily Walks Ward Off Disability In Older Adults

One Hour a Week: Moving to Prevent Disability in Adults With Lower Extremity Joint Symptoms

Just one hour of brisk walking a week staves off disability in older adults with arthritis pain, or aching or stiffness in a knee, hip, ankle, or foot, research finds.

"This is less than 10 minutes a day for people to maintain their independence. It's very doable," says lead author Dorothy Dunlop, professor of preventive medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. "This minimum threshold may motivate inactive older adults to begin their path toward a physically active lifestyle with the wide range of health benefits promoted by physical activity."

An estimated 14 million older adults in the United States have symptomatic knee osteoarthritis, the most common form of osteoarthritis. Approximately two in five people with osteoarthritis—most of whom have it in their lower joints—develop disability limitations.

Read the original article



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Alignment of Stakeholders

Simon Fraser University

Some BC universities are redesigning their curriculum to align with the competencies outlined by CKO. Simon Fraser University (SFU) has designed a 'stream' of kinesiology with a practical focus. If a kinesiologist wants to go on to rehab/exercise therapy, they can take the courses and be able to do everything they are needed to do as a Practicing Kin in BC.

And, the University of British Columbia – Okanagan (UBCO) is also designing a competency based kinesiology stream for students who want to practice in the profession of kinesiology. BCAK plans to get all interested BC universities together in the near future to discuss these exciting changes to university curriculums.


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Business Development

Hexfit - A Valuable Tool Included in Your Affiliation

Hexfit is an interprofessional software allowing you to manage and track your client goals. The software helps kins to design exercise programs, assess, and keep chart notes all in one place.

Included in your CKA affiliation, kinesiologists will receive a one-month subscription to the Hexfit platform* in addition to the 10% discount rate per month provided by the agreement between Hexfit and the PKA. 



Jake Watson, kinesiologist, compared Hexfit to other exercise software and concluded:
 "I was impressed with Hexfit and their operations. They were much clearer than other software co. in relation to demonstrating the operations features of their system. Hexfit came across well established and innovative. Their system integration with services that would be provided by a kinesiologist seem to have been well researched and user friendly"

After review of Hexfit's offer, the CKA will endorse Hexfit as a product: well established, innovative and collaborative in providing CKA/CKA with their services beyond the program.
*(max: 50$)  

For more information on Hexfit and the agreement  

Other programs from Hexfit:


Professional Liability

CKA Prolink National Insurance Program or
Workplace Insurance

As a condition of becoming and continuing as a practicing Member/Affiliate, every Member/Affiliate must have and maintain Professional Liability covering the scope of practice of kinesiology as defined by the CKA and the PKAs. The insurance may be held through the CKA National Insurance Program from PROLINK or your employer. You must attach your MANDATORY professional liability Insurance within 10 days otherwise we will have to invalidate your membership. You must provide your PROLINK insurance certificate or your workplace professional liability certificate. 

1. National Insurance Program by PROLINK:
For 2020, the National Insurance Program through PROLINK is offered at significantly low rates due to reaching over 4000 members in this program. For example, Professional Liability begins at 49$/yr.

a) Renewing members: PROLINK Insurance will be sending you an email (email address will appear as regarding your Professional Liability renewal. Check your junk mail too! For some provinces in which links through Prolink are automated, pay your PKA dues and you will be linked to PROLINK directly.

b) New members : To obtain your Certificate of Professional Liability Insurance, PROLINK Tel .: 800.663.6828; Email:

2. Workplace Professional Liability Insurance:

If you have coverage through your employer (Institutional i.e. Hospitals, etc), you must verify that the policy covers the full scope of practice for kinesiology as defined by the CKA and the PKAs and meets the requirements outlined below. If you carry professional liability insurance through your employer, you agree that you will not provide kinesiology services external to the business operations of the employer, thus one cannot also have a private practice outside of these workplace related activities. This insurance through your employer, that is you are already covered by professional liability insurance, covering your acts of a kinesiologist, under the term kinesiologist, you must attach your proof insurability (or evidence of employability at an institution i.e. Hospital) and the signed. Consent Form provided in the registration process. These 2 documents will be requested upon accession/renewal. Note: CATA and CSEP Insurance with or without Kinesiology Rider is NOT accepted as it does not cover the entire scope of practice of kinesiology.

To be approved by CKA, your workplace professional insurance must include requirements. Read more

Awareness of profession

Renewal Reminder & Continuing Education Status

CKA Affiliation Renewal Deadline is December 31st, 2019. Your 2020 Affiliation Dues are $39.73 plus applicable taxes. 

Once your dues are paid, the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance will forward you a Certificate of Affiliation which certifies that you are recognized by your National Professional Association. Being a part of the CKA is a  key element to help you promote yourself as well as enhancing the perception of Kinesiology among the public and other health professionals.

The CKA is providing you with simple tools to help increase your visibility and recognition as a Kinesiologist.

Print your personalized Certificate of Affiliation, frame it and place it on the wall of your office or your waiting room. 

Promote your services, and kinesiology, by using the different kinesiology branding tools available to CKA members. Use them to confirm your client's next appointment and on your promotional material for Seminars, Clinics, Events, etc

Business Card: Ready to print after you fill in the fields with your name, your email, your phone number. 


KinBadge "With a kin, you can..." : Add to your promotional material 

Designation Logo: "Affiliated Kinesiologist" or other names: Add to your email signature, your receipts, your client appointment confirmation, etc 

Thank you Card: Send to your clients to remind them of your services, for their birthdays, after having finished a program with you.

Knowing that this initiative will bring awareness to the profession of kinesiology, we thank you for your support,


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Meeting with Universities

Kathie Sharkey  R. Kin, CKA Director for OKA

Through an invitation from the The College of Kinesiologists of Ontario, Kathie Sharkey will represent CKA whilst attending a meeting with the University Liaison Committee on December 9th 2019 at the College in Toronto. 

The College has established a permanent liaison committee involving Ontario university department heads and representatives from various associations. The committee meets annually to discuss developments in the health regulatory field impacting kinesiologists and the practice of kinesiology in Ontario. Through increased awareness and understanding, the College may better support the continuing professional development of kinesiologists.  

CKA was pleased to participate in this opportunity and others in the future, for similar dialogues concerning emerging issues in health care and to advocate for kinesiology and kinesiologists across the country.  


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Alignment of Stakeholders

Participaction Report Card Gives Canadian Adults A Failing Grade 

October 29th 2019The 2019 ParticpACTION Report Card on Physical Activity for Adults.

We are all busy with work and family and duties and spend too much time on our phones and sitting down at work and not enough time in the gym and exercising! The first-ever report card for adults from Participaction, a non-profit group that promotes healthy living, gives Canadians over the age of 18 a D for overall physical activity, finding most spend far too much time sitting and not enough time getting heart-pumping exercise.

Adults get an F when it comes to moderate-to-vigorous activity; with the report finding just 16 per cent of adults get the recommended 150 minutes each week. Participaction scientist Dr. Leigh Vanderloo said we should all try to stand a bit  more at the office instead of sitting or parking the car further from your destination and walking the rest of the way. The key is to make physical activity a key part of everyday routines. Adults who put in more than 7,500 steps per day likely meet the guidelines, but only 52 per cent of adults do this, says the report, released Tuesday. About 29 per cent get between 5,000 and 7,499 steps per day. Those with fewer steps are considered sedentary, and represent about 18 per cent of adults. Physical inactivity can lead to increased risk of chronic diseases, cognitive decline, falls and social isolation among older adults. The report gave the Canadian government a B- for promoting physical activity, but calls on all levels of government to ensure facilities and programs cater to adults as well as kids.


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Sharing Information

As part of our government outreach program, BCAK attended the Board Voice annual conference on November 1 and 2, 2019.  The conference theme was "Circles of Engagement" and attendees and presenters focused on defining, strengthening and improving relationships (amongst associations, levels of government, members, and the public).  Presenters covered multiple topics. Key benefits to attending were hearing first-hand the government priorities and strategies that are aligned to our industry sector; making contacts and connections with other provincial organizations; and learning how those provincial organizations work to gain the recognition they require from both government and the public.  The BCAK will use this information to improve their outreach program.

BCAK has also been made aware of the latest development in the review of the Act as a position paper to modernizing the provincial health profession regulatory framework has been published. More to come as BCAK reviews it.


The Alberta Kinesiology Association was excited to host multiple events throughout Kinesiology week both in Calgary and Edmonton. Some sessions were cancelled due to low enrolment but the engagement of Kinesiologists in Alberta to offer these sessions was inspiring. Briefly:

  • Nov. 23 & 24 - AKA hosted a sold out session with Dr. Joanne Pawluk (PhD, BScOT) - Motivational Interviewing Certification Course - Level 1
  • 22% of the Membership have already renewed for 2020; registration started on Monday, November 4.
  • Calgary and Edmonton KINweek - Nov. 11-15 - due to low enrolment, 4 Diabetes & Exercise sessions were cancelled.  We are incorporating an 8 week lead time for all promotion and marketing of 2020 Events.

Lastly, we are working hard to establish a relationship with local universities to better advertise our association to the student bodies and staff of such institutions. We plan on scheduling information sessions for both the staff and students in the near future. 


A new Board of Directors was elected as MKA had its first AGM in a long time on Nov. 13th 2019 during NKW: President: Nicole Chappellaz, VP: Evan Van Dale, Treasurer/secretary: Adam Timble . The focus in the next few months will be to plan this revival of the Manitoba Kinesiologists Association. Stay tuned!


OKA has launched its new refreshed website with as theme: Promoting Kinesiology as an integral part of Ontario's healthcare system. See their new look! Also new is their logo: new color, more vivid. 




Did you know that several videos on kinesiology are in the documentation center of the FKQ website? In addition to videos, there are several important pieces of information, such as:

  • Documents on the practice of kinesiology;
  • Practice tools;
  • Salaries of kinesiologists by job function and placement statistics
  • The old editions of the Infokine;
  • Etc.
Documentation Center 

The Walk with Your Kinesiologist event was held in the city of Bathurst at the K.C. Irving Center, with 40 people. The Walk with Your Kinesiologist event also took place in the city of Moncton at the Crossman community center walking track where several walkers meet daily. This fall, the AKNB also focused on improving the visibility of kinesiology, among other things, through participation in the patient's voice organized by the NB Network on Innovations in Primary and Integrated Health Care and also with a radio interview to promote kinesiology during National Kinesiology Week


KANS continues to build an expanding network of students and working professionals. We were invited to attend the 2019 NBKA annual Conference and AGM at Université de Moncton. This was an incredible opportunity to connect Presidents of FKQ, NBKA, KPEI, and KANS, and we look forward to future collaborations. Our Vice President and Director of Education, Jordan Smith, recently presented at Acadia University to speak about her role in Kinesiology here in NS. As the awareness of KANS continues to spread throughout our province, we are looking forward to a busy year in 2020!


Interest in the field of Kinesiology in PEI continues to grow.  This spring, University of PEI recently had their largest ever number of Kinesiology graduates.  KPEI worked on the Code of Ethics, Scope of Practice and Website; focused on increasing the number of student members, and finally KPEI will review planning legislation and work with governments


The NLKA had a successful National Kinesiology Week 2019 in Newfoundland! We started the week with a recreational group activity, Hike with a Kin, where Board member Katie Wadden led a group of participants along Sugarloaf Path, part of the beautiful East Coast Trail. Our second event was a Lunch & Learn for students on Memorial University campus in the School of Human Kinetics & Recreation. We had two topics, the Janeway Lifestyles Program, which teaches young people to manage Diabetes and to have a body-positive approach to wellness, and Clinical Prosthetists discussing exercise prescription following lower limb amputation. Our third event was a speaker's series called MOVE Talks (Motivational, Original, Vibrant, Educational) where we had 8 guests share 7 minutes or less of their experience of how movement changes lives. We heard from a cancer survivor, a visiting Danish researcher, a clinical rehabilitation business owner, and a yoga therapist, among others. We finished Kin Week with our Annual General Meeting to report the past year's activities and discuss our new Yearly Action Plan for 2020. The focus for our upcoming year is on growing our community as well as maintaining our association. 


Job, Advertizing & Continuing education Posting

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Limited Term Instructor - School of Health and Human Performance Faculty of Health

The School of Health and Human Performance in Dalhousie's Faculty of Health invites applications from qualified candidates for a full-time, limited term instructor position, commencing January 2020 for a one-year term. The primary duties of this position are the preparation and delivery of undergraduate laboratory experiences, supervision, coordination and training of teaching assistants, and the development of faculty resources to support teaching. In addition, the successful candidate will be expected to teach classes when necessary and contribute to the experiential learning component of the Kinesiology curriculum. 

Applications will be considered after November 15, 2019. 

For more information


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