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Dear Members/Supporters, 

Thank you! 

Last year, in the face of an unanticipated rush of private land sales on the Shaubac, we took a deep breath, rolled up our sleeves and collectively rose to the daunting challenge of raising nearly three quarters of a million dollars to protect strategically located lands there. With your generous support, we were able to protect more of this last, undeveloped coastal forest and,  thanks  to  you,  the  Shaubac  now  contains  a  116-acre,  virtually  unfragmented biodiversity stronghold – a legacy we can all be proud of.

We're writing today to ask for your help again so we can build on this achievement and ensure that our work continues to make a difference.

If anyone still doubted the reality of climate change, last month's uncontrolled wildfires and this month's extensive flash flooding have served as harsh testimony not only to its reality, but to the destructive consequences that will inevitably intensify unless we work together to mitigate them.

Our hearts go out to those who lost their homes in the fires and floods, to the human lives lost, the wildlife that perished and the forests that burned. Our response can only be to continue – and step up – our almost 30-year-long conservation efforts.

These events dramatize the urgency of the world-wide targets that have been set to reduce carbon emissions. They have certainly encouraged KCC's Board members to consider the resources we can bring to bear in this effort.  We have become acutely aware from scientific studies  that,    in  addition  to  the  carbon  absorbing  forests  we  have  protected  from development, the wetlands on these protected lands are even more effective in both absorbing and holding the carbon emissions that the world is now desperately striving to reduce.  If we can scientifically measure the carbon absorption capacity of the wetlands on the Shaubac, we will be able to quantify their social and ecological value and be better equipped to prove that these lands qualify for the maximum possible provincial protection.

The province of New Brunswick has made a significant effort to assess its wetlands, recently carrying out a ground-breaking mapping and measuring of its wetlands' capacity to absorb carbon. A 2020 study approximated that Nova Scotia wetlands can absorb and hold over $9 billion in social value of carbon. That's an incredible contribution to our environment and provides a strong justification to give the wetlands concerned maximum protection.

We can do the same for our community, and it's time to roll up our sleeves again!

As we announced in our last communication, we have successfully obtained funding for a two-year project from a brand-new fund aimed at helping communities come together to build climate resilience: the Shaubac Wetlands Carbon Project. The project is designed to help shine a light on the necessary protection of coastal wetlands in general and help to protect our beloved Shaubac Peninsula in particular.

Working in collaboration with the Municipality of Lunenburg (MODL), the Acadia First Nations  Ecology  Group  and  Dalhousie  environmental  researchers,  we  will  delineate, measure, ground truth and assess the capacity of the Shaubac wetlands to sequester carbon. The results will help us make the scientific case for long-term protection from development.  As we carry out this work over the two years, we'll be reaching out to the local community members for their active involvement, input and endorsement, all of which will be critical for the outcome of the project's efforts.

In supporting this work, you will be helping KCC to lead the way in creating a working model that can be used by other communities across the province to protect their own precious wetlands and build climate resilience.
All but the final 25% of the $267,000 granted has been received and the project team is up and running. These funds need to be matched by $115,000 over the two-year project period from local fundraising and matching grants to cover total project costs -- which means that every dollar contributed to this campaign until we've reached our target will be virtually doubled.

So, this year we need to raise 50% of the total, or $57,500.

We can do this, and hope you'll join with us in supporting this important initiative. To start the ball rolling our Board members have all made generous donations, and we are asking you to join us by making an urgent contribution today. With your support,  we will be able to  complete  this  important  work,  and  keep  KCC  at  the  forefront  of  meaningful conservation work in our region!

Once again, we have the chance to make a difference! Please think big and contribute generously to protect the amazing community we love. Your support today will make this happen.

Thank you from the entire Board Team — and the Shaubac Wetlands! 


  Janet         Veronika          Sarah         Scott           Laura             James 
Janet Peace      Veronika Watts       Sarah Crnec    Scott Jermey    Laura Barkhouse   James Stephens 

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