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It seems that we have barely finished the Christmas holidays and already Lent is upon us. One of the traditional practices associated with Lent is almsgiving. In this special issue of our diocesan newsletter, dedicated to the Novatio Foundation, we'd like to introduce you to a unique way of giving alms and participating in Jesus' mission. As you read this issue, may you be inspired to undertake concrete acts of generosity and sharing.

The relevance of Jesus' life and message endures, guiding us on how to build a more just world filled with joy and peace. God knows how much we truly need it! Today, individuals continue to gather in Christian communities, working together and supporting each other, following the example of Jesus and continuing His mission. The Novatio Foundation exists to support these endeavors by endorsing innovative projects that nurture hope in the world. 

Novatio is seperately incorporated from the Archdiocese of Gatineau. It has its own board of directors, composed of dedicated and passionate individuals. I am proud to be associated with them. Your donations to Novatio do not fund the archdiocese; rather, they are directed toward parish and community initiatives to encourage the development of dynamic and innovative projects. Your financial support expresses your desire to join this large family, inspired by the Gospel and dedicated to enhancing the well-being of humanity. 

+ Paul-André Durocher 

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Last fall, during the launch of the diocesan pastoral year, over 250 individuals contemplated ways to practice listening and a heightened awareness of our environment and the world around us. This reflective process seeks to bring people together and discern practical ways to put into action the pastoral priorities identified following the 2022 synodal assembly: emphasizing synodality as our embodiment of the Church; keeping Christ's mission at the heart of our thoughts and activities; accompanying young families (with particular attention to those of immigrant origin) in the diversity of their stories and backgrounds; journeying with seniors and youth…

These priorities are embraced as not mere strategies but as calls for personal transformation, unlocking avenues of creativity within us. They offer us a horizon, a reference point; they spark our imagination and prompt us to action. The Novatio Foundation emerges as an ideal partner to breathe life into these priorities. It is an invitation for us to generously act through Novatio to support parishes in these priorities. 

 Rodhain Kasuba 

Vicar General and Pastoral Coordinator 

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The NOVATIO FOUNDATION: a resource to bolster the financing of the mission 

 Amidst the financial challenges faced by parishes and community organizations, there is a pressing need for a renewed wave of solidarity to sustain vital pastoral projects and foster the growth of innovative initiatives. Currently, it is not uncommon for a significant portion, ranging from 35% to 55%, of a parish's budget to be allocated to building maintenance. When coupled with diminishing revenues, this often leaves little to no room for funding essential pastoral care and the initiation of new projects—services that breathe life into parishes. 

The Novatio Foundation stands as a beacon, poised to kindle the flame of hope by providing support for both new and existing initiatives that enrich the fabric of parish and community life. 

In the inaugural call for proposals in 2023, the Foundation awarded grants of $1,000, $3,000, and $5,000 for certain projects. While these amounts may seem modest, the impact of the support was profound. Every contribution, regardless of its size, holds the power to effect change across the diocese and our communities. Together, we can collectively make a meaningful difference in the world around us. 

Link to the list of projects funded in 2023 (see pages 8 to 12 of the annual report)

Video testimony of a subsidized project 

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Today, I reach out to you not in my role as the Novatio Foundation's president of the Board of Directors, but as a fellow parishioner at St. Elisabeth. The Foundation's mission to do good in our communities by assisting those in need, especially seniors facing isolation, deeply resonates with me. Novatio's commitment to enhancing the lives of others aligns seamlessly with my core values of making a tangible difference in the world. 

 Reflecting on the times my family and I visited my mother in a senior's home during the pandemic, each precious visit stirred a yearning for a warm, cheerful embrace that pandemic restrictions denied us. These moments underscored the paramount importance of human connection. My heart goes out to those who had few or no visitors, finding solace in our brief exchanges or fleeting moments with our grandchildren. 

My wife Marie-Catherine and I have chosen to support the Foundation because we view it as a tangible and immediate way to contribute to positive change here, in our communities, and to reach out to those in need. Your donation today will provide the flexibility to allocate resources where they are most needed, amplifying our collective impact. 

Thank you in advance for your generosity! 

Richard Rochefort

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You are invited to a LUNCH & LEARN event on Sunday February 4th, 2024 in St. Aloysius parish hall, 300 rue de l'Abbé-Murray, Gatineau, after the 11:00 a.m. Mass. Come eat a meal (pot-luck) and learn from professional missionaries Evalina and Eric Filion from Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO). This is how they present their conference: click here.


This section is for the sharing of announcements/invitations from parishes and movements in the diocese.  If you have an activity to share or advertise, please send a note to  Bozica Domitrovic on Friday before the newsletter release.


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