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2nd Sunday in Lent: conversion of vision 

After Jesus announced his passion for the first time, he went up a mountain with Peter, James, and John. The clouds, the transfiguration, the presence of Moses and Elijah, the heavenly voice... this strange scene would change the way they looked at him. At first, this situation frightened them. Strangely enough, despite this fright, the marvellous moment was so overwhelming that Peter wanted to prolong it and make it last forever. Clearly, he had not grasped that this event was in fact an invitation to change their view of Jesus: "This is my beloved Son: listen to him! The voice coming from the cloud cut short Peter's plan to settle into the marvellous. Instead, it invites him to listen to the Son.  

Jesus also calls the three disciples to silence. Isn't Lent precisely the right time to be more silent, to listen and to renew our gaze on God? Finally, this story reminds us that the wonderful moments of faith do not exempt us from mission. 

Food for thought... 

During Lent, where is the voice of Christ being heard in my life? What is he calling me to today? How can I follow in his footsteps and reach out to people who are disfigured, in search of dignity, justice, love and peace? (Rodhain Kasuba) 

3rd Sunday of Lent B 

The Lord opens the way for us. 

One winter, on our way to Quebec City for Christmas, we were surprised by the snow that kept falling. Traffic got slower and slower, until we began to see the snowplow flashing in the distance. Inwardly, patience was beginning to gain ground, as we thought someone was there to clear the way for us.  

My passenger and I witnessed two types of motorists: those who overtook and inevitably ended up in the ditch a few meters further on. And those who remained vigilant, hoping to reach their destination. 

God opens a way for those who allow themselves to be guided by the "perfect" law that makes the simple wise. Jesus, God among us, embodies a wisdom that is astonishing in its deeds and words. His gesture in the Temple to restore its true meaning would later become a sign for his disciples. Jesus patiently paves the way by gradually opening our minds to the Scriptures. Jesus will reveal himself as the only Temple of God in his Body. In this Lenten season, let us open ourselves to the Word made flesh, so that his wisdom in his Church may open the way for the Gospel in our world. (André Inkel, Pastoral Worker)

The Office for Evangelization and Catechesis, in collaboration with the National Liturgy Office and the Office national de liturgie, launches the 2024 video series titled Journey Through Lent. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, 14 February 2024, and for each Sunday in Lent, up to and including Palm Sunday, a video will be uploaded to the CCCB website featuring pastoral reflections based on the Readings for the Sunday Eucharistic Celebration. Geared to individuals, families, and communities, this series is meant to offer spiritual inspiration and guidance on how to prepare well for the Easter season.

Watch the videos here


On January 23, in the special edition of the Diocesan Newsletter, you were invited to prayerfully consider amplifying our collective impact by making a tangible contribution to creating positive change here, in our communities. It is with sincere gratitude and appreciation that the Novatio Board of Directors recognizes those who have since expressed their commitment by making a donation or inquiring about ways to deepen their impact through the Foundation. 

In 2023, the Foundation granted more than $90,000 to support numerous projects in parishes and community organizations across the Outaouais. Your gift today, is an expression of your commitment to creating a brighter future and helping those most in need. Novatio will continue this momentum to support other projects in 2024. For more information on how you can create lasting change today and for generations to come through a gift in your will, you are invited to contact Ms. Monique Washnuk, Philanthropic Development Advisor, 819-771-8391, ext. 323, Monique would be honoured to speak with you. 


Development and Peace — Caritas Canada: a movement of solidarity

Established in 1967, Development and Peace ― Caritas Canada is the official international solidarity organization of the Catholic Church in Canada.

We address the root causes of poverty, oppression, and inequality by working with partners in the Global South and by mobilizing Canadians in the common struggle for justice and dignity. We champion women and social movements as key agents of lasting change.
Our transformative work is possible thanks to the generosity and support of our members and Canadians who stand by us.

Join the movement of over 12,000 members and help us bring our campaigns to life in your community. Visit


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